Model Diaries: Isabella Carr



Isabella Carr 
Age: 24 
Occupation: Model 
Hometown: Brooklyn 

Favorite thing you wore during the PINK shoot today?

I have to go with the Halloween shorts—I am obsessed with fall. I start getting excited about it in June, and all my friends get so annoyed about it. 

Who is your style icon? 

My mom. Being from Queens and Ecuador she represents the large influence of Latin culture,especially in New  York, on my style. Everything from slicked-back hair and gold hoops to dark lip liner and religious iconography comes from Latin culture. And that is something that shaped my personal Outlook on fashion and identity—I feel such a connection to my heritage when I can bring this influence into my daily style. 

What's your sign? 


Who is your favorite influencer? 

Definitely Gabriette—l love her authenticity. talent, and ability to make quality content that doesnt seem unattainable or fake. Also, I love to see a Latina wiming, it's such an inspiration for me. 

What inspired your outfit today? 

Today my tougher, masculine side felt most present, so I put something on that meshed with that: my dads Dolce & Gabbana jeans that I stole (sorry!) and a tank top from Walmart. Then, every time I get dressed, I like to
have something that I feel connects me to my cultural identity. So, obviously I had to pull out the "mi corazon Ecuador" belt. I really think thats my new favorite piece. 

What's your favorite cheap shopping thrill? 

I'm going to have to say press- on nails. I love going to the beauty supply store and just getting the craziest press- ons I can find. 

Best compliment someone ever gave you? 

That my work ethic, determination, and kindness are an inspiration to them. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now, and maintain my sense Of self, so the recognition of not only my struggle and strength, but my kindness, was something that really touched my heart. 

What's one unexpected thing in your bag right now? 

Okay, please don't think I'm gross, but my retainer. Listen l had to take a red eye yesterday, and I refuse to sleep without my retainer, so naturally she had to go straight to the purse after flying. I might have forgotten
about it until 

One talent you wish you had? 

I wish I could speak many languages. I am so envious of people who have the natural ability to pick them up.

How do you usually start your day? 

By reading for around two hours. I don't care if I have to get up at 5AM to make it work, I will. I've been doing this for around five years, and I think its the best way for me to maintain a sense of personal fulfillment and
peace. Right now I'm reading Remembrance Of Things Past by Marcel proust.

Where is your dream vacation?

Coolest place you've traveled?
I have always wanted to go see the Himalayas, in Nepal. For favorite place I've been, I think Fiji or Paris.

How do you stay confident during photo shoots?

Whenever I'm feeling insecure, whether on set or in my daily life. I remind myself that my face and body are a culmination Of generations of individuals that are all part Of me. My face is the product Of my people, and every part of it reflects where I come from. When I remember that, and think about how I am getting the opportunity to represent my ancestors and my community, my insecurities evaporate.

Do you have a personal mantra?

"There are a million excuses for failure, and one for success." My grandpa used to say this, and it is something I repeat to myself anytime I want to give up or feel defeated.